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Mark Palumbo, Principal

Mr. Palumbo has over thirty years of hydrological experience. He has been involved in numerous ground water and surface water projects. His areas of expertise are hydrogeology, ground water hydrology, water resources, computer modeling, and well hydraulics. Within Colorado, he has constructed aquifer models, supervised the installation of municipal water wells, and conducted hydrogeologic and surface water projects. He is an expert on the technical aspects of Colorado water law. He has been involved in numerous ground water applications, surface water transfers, plans for augmentation, and water resource valuations. [view full PDF resume]

David S. Lipson, Ph.D., P.G., Principal

David S. Lipson, Ph.D., P.G., is a Principal Hydrogeologist specializing in groundwater and surface-water hydrology, groundwater-surface water interactions, water quality, fate and transport of contaminants, groundwater remediation, and geochemistry.  Dr. Lipson brings more than 28 years of experience working in Colorado, throughout the U.S., and internationally, solving complicated water and environmental problems. He has taught groundwater engineering and remediation courses as an Adjunct Professor at Colorado School of Mines and as a Visiting Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Nanjing.  He is an editor of the journal Groundwater, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Scientists and Engineers Section of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA).

Matt Seitz, P.E., P.G., Principal Hydrogeologist

Mr. Seitz specializes in groundwater field studies, hydrogeologic data analysis, data management, and project management.  He began his career in water consulting at HRS in 1998 and has completed numerous groundwater and surface water projects throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West.  His areas of interest include aquifer testing, well design and construction observation, spatial analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), groundwater modeling, and water rights engineering.  His clients include municipalities, water districts, private well owners, farmers and ranchers, ditch companies, State and Federal agencies, HOA's, and private natural resources companies. [view full PDF resume]

Steve Barrett, Principal, Water Resources Specialist

Mr. Barrett has over 18 years experience in the water resources field. Prior to working at HRS, he worked for the Colorado Division of Water Resources; Assistant Water Commissioner on the Animas River, Division 7 Durango Office; Engineering Technician for the Ground Water Supply Department, Denver Office; and Hydrographer, Division 1 Greeley Office. Through his work with the Colorado Division of Water Resources, he developed a strong understanding of the priority system and how water rights are administered and accounted for in the State of Colorado.  Since beginning work at HRS in 2008, Mr. Barrett has assisted clients with a variety of projects ranging from change of use cases and augmentation plan development to client water rights protection, water rights accounting, GIS/DB project development, water rights valuations, and water resources planning.

[view full PDF resume]

Peter Boddie, Senior Hydrologist

Mr. Boddie has over thirty years of experience in hydrology through his involvement in water development, water rights, agricultural, mining, hazardous waste, and resource management projects. Since joining HRS Water Consultants in 1984, his primary responsibilities have been in the areas of water rights engineering, evaluation of agricultural water uses and historical consumptive uses, and general surface water and ground water hydrology. [view full PDF resume]

Melissa Armstrong, P.E., Senior Engineer

Ms. Armstrong is a Senior Project Engineer and a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado.  She has consulted on a wide range of challenging environmental remediation site projects and litigation cases.  After graduating with a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado, she built on her research as a graduate student in the design and development of in-situ remediation, including the remedial optimization for ground-water plumes.  Her technical experience includes site conceptual model development, planning, and execution of large site investigations.  In addition to her engineering experience, Ms. Armstrong also has extensive project management experience, including proposal development, project execution planning, cost estimating, site reporting, contractor management, and management of site and staff personnel.

Vance Campos, Hydrologist

Mr. Campos has experience in creating groundwater computer models, contaminant fate and transport modeling, and environmental field investigations. He has worked on various modeling projects involving alluvial and sedimentary systems. He has specific expertise with modeling aquifer-stream interactions and the use of GIS to aid groundwater model creation. He has experience in data manipulation, computer programming, 3-D graphics, and geographic information systems. He has created multiple innovative methods to manipulate data. Also experienced in field studies including monitor well setting, well construction and aquifer testing. [view full PDF resume]

Reid Polmanteer, Hydrogeologist

Mr. Polmanteer has broad experience as a hydrogeologist and geologist.  He has extensive field experience in oil & gas, environmental consulting, and water resources.  Field experience includes drilling coordination and oversight, environmental sampling, well construction, water level surveys, and geology interpretation and sample logging.  Mr. Polmanteer has further experience with database management, geologic, hydrologic, and geochemical data interpretation, conceptual modeling and geologic cross-section construction, GIS map construction, and stream depletion analysis. [view full PDF resume]

Fern Beetle-Moorcroft, Geologist

Ms. Beetle-Moorcroft has experience as a hydrogeologist and geophysicist in both the public and private sectors.  She has field experience conducting pump tests, water sampling, and geophysical surveys (both near surface and borehole).  This includes packer tests, water level surveys, seismic surveys, resistivity surveys, Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) surveys, and working with a plethora of data loggers.  She also has further experience with geologic, hydrologic, and geophysical data interpretation and analysis, geologic cross-section construction, GIS map construction, and numerical modeling. [view full PDF resume]

Tammi Wiessenberger, Office Manager