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HRS Water Consultants, Inc.

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HRS Water Consultants, Inc.
8885 W. 14th Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80215 [Map]
ph: (303) 462-1111
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HRS conducts hydrogeologic investigations required to define and analyze aquifers, and the analysis of the behavior and characteristics of ground water. Such investigations encompass a wide range of investigative, analytical, GIS, and reporting procedures, including:
  • Basin-wide water budget analyses

  • Planning, design and execution of test hole drilling, well construction and testing, and ground water sampling programs.

  • Analyses of ground water/surface water interactions.

  • Integration of geophysical exploration results into conceptual models of the ground water/surface water systems.

  • Modeling of aquifer systems using analytical and, if appropriate, numerical methods to define present and historical directions and rates of ground water movement.

  • Modeling of project development scenarios to assess their impacts on aquifers, stream systems, and water rights.

  • Analysis of hydrogeologic data to determine aquifer geometry and characteristics.

  • Analyses of lakes, ponds and gravel pits to determine the interaction between these water bodies and the ground water regime.

  • Evaluation of existing hydrogeologic and geophysical databases to detect deficiencies and to create or update conceptual models of existing hydrogeologic conditions.

  • Cost analysis for various project development scenarios.

  • Expert reports and supporting databases, GIS, and graphics; consultation and strategy formulation.

  • Expert witness testimony.